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Duct Cleaning Service

Our 5 Step Cleaning Process

1. Inspection

Prior to system cleaning an inspection appointment is set up where we inspect the system to be cleaned using camera to see the contamination level and to set our work plan according to the system size and accesses, we use robotic and borescope cameras that can record and snap before, during and post pictures and videos of the cleaning procedure.

2. Preperation and System Setup

Upon team arrival we will prepare and setup the work area, from furniture coverage with nylon sheets to system placement.

3. Agitation Process

Upon setting up the work area the following steps will take place for each Unit and its duct.

We have different brush types that works with any shape and size of duct material, 15 meter long rigid shaft with adjustable rotating speeds up to 1500 RPM

3500 CFM suction flow monster with 3 stage filters including HEPA filter in place. 2. Backpack Vacuum with HEPA filter in place.

Sanitizing is the process where we use our different types of approved ( NADCA) chemicals to provide the most hygienic atmosphere.

Driven by a strong Atlas-Copco screw air compressor, the attacker system will ensure removal of all dust particles giving the best agitation and cleaning results.

4. Tear Down, Clean Up and Final Inspection

After the cleaning portion of the job has been completed, tear down and clean up of the work area may begin, followed by a final inspection of all sealed areas if there is any.

5. Work Report

A detailed work report will be submitted to client upon completion showing the condition and finding of the system before and after cleaning. Note: All of Our cleaning procedures and staff are complied with the NADCA ( National Air Duct Cleaners Association) Standards.