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We are proud to be the only business in the Saudi Arabia now offering AirGloss products that include ProSense, Comfort Kit, and Application. Contact us for more information.

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Why Use An Air-Quality Monitoring Technology Such as Airgloss?

Indoor spaces are influenced by air quality, temperature and humidity, all factors that have a direct influence on your health, comfort and productivity. Monitoring and controlling air quality is essential as poor indoor environmental quality and air contaminants can cause discomfort, headaches  and other health related effects. Managing ventilation or fresh air intake is vital for health and has both immediate and long-term benefits.

Ventilation Plays A Critical Role In Reducing Covid-19 Transmission

Global Scientific Evidence has indicated that aerosol transmission of Covid-19 increases the risk of indoor spaces due to lack of airflow. It is therefore essential to dilute the virus in the air indoors through effective ventilation and increased airflow both in homes and buildings. There is evidence across scientific literature that ventilation is critical part in the reduction of the transmission of respiratory viruses, such as Covid-19.  

Lean Green is committed to improving indoor air quality to protect your health and safety, and to reduce Covid-29 risks. That is why we place a high priority on well-designed installed, commissioned and maintained HVAC systems, and increased effective ventilation in closed or crowded indoor spaces, particularly homes, office buildings, and hospitals.

Now is the time to check ventilation in your home and office buildings, as well as all healthcare facilities, to ensure there is adequate airflow to dilute the virus in the air and improve the indoor air quality. With all this in mind, Lean Green is now offering Airgloss devices that can work with your HVAC systems to smartly manage ventilation, while monitoring your indoor air quality, and effectively preventing the risk of Covid-19 infection spreading.

Airgloss Prosense

AirGloss ProSense is a ready-to-use product for indoor air quality analysis. It offers many applications, suitable for indoor environments including:

  • Houses
  • Office Spaces
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Airgloss Prosense is a professional indoor environmental monitoring and HVAC control solution specifically designed for industrial and workspace application as air quality influences your wellbeing and health Prosense will have a direct impact on your performance and productivity through monitoring your environment, to guarantee your health and safety. It offers an innovative solution when it comes to monitoring and improving the indoor air quality and level of air pollutants, as it can simultaneously detect and identify multiple harmful air contaminants in real-time, with short response times. It comes with smart DCV and cloud management, with a dedicated software app, enabling access to features including real time environmental monitoring, complete data history overview, instant alerts and HVAC scheduling.

Smart Environmental Monitoring:

By using artificial intelligence algorithms and pattern recognition, Prosense enables efficient enables efficient and timely detection and identification of indoor airborne pollutants, airborne pollutants, air contaminants, and potentially hazardous chemicals.

Airgloss Comfortkit is the first smart solution for your home, with real-time air quality  monitoring and touchless gesture control it includes smart thermostat features, including advanced heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning management. AIrgloss Comfortkit makes for energy efficient and healthier home, allowing for environmental control and smart remote management. Designed for your home, Comfortkit brings a seamless combination between advanced technology and a user friendly solution to any indoor air contaminants.

Your can access real time monitoring, scheduling and data history from anywhere, including your laptop and all your IOS and Android devices. This way, AIrgloss Comfortkit can provide you with an accurate overview on your home environment at all times and real time available on all your personal devices.

Airgloss is ready out of the box and comes with a management software platform. Airgloss products are easily accessible through single-point monitoring and control. In real-time, using one platform to manage your indoor air quality. AIrgloss gives you access to all of the desktop dashboard's features. with instant notifications and alerts, as well as HVAC system scheduling and air purification management. You can access your Airgloss device anywhere, anytime, with complete data history overview directly on your smartphone through Airgloss App, available on Play Store and App Store.

Airgloss Prosense takes effortless installation, does not require any maintenance, and is easily set over Wi-fi for integration in existing HVAC systems. It works both individually and in array to monitor a single room, a floor, or an entire building.